Why effyes?

effyes was founded to create a friendly, safe, supportive and shame-free community to empower vulva owners to explore and take ownership of their sexuality.

Self-love is awesome… but for many out there, thoughts or sexuality and desire can be intimidating, confusing and can bring on feelings of shame and guilt.

If this is you, we see you. We genuinely believe that self-love is self-care and shame should never come into the equation. That’s why we are dedicated to open communication and awesome orgasms for all! Together, we can take the fear, shame and stigma out of self love.

"Together, we can take the fear, shame and stigma out of self love."


    Self love is for everyone and should be fun, confidence boosting and shame-free


    Learn and grow each day with an open mind to find ways that allow you to be your authentic self.


    The means, knowledge and tools to achieve self love should be available to all.


    We are all on this journey together and we want to be with you every step of the way


bloody good vibes

effyes is dedicated to providing bloody awesome, expertly crafted and easy to use pleasure products to empower vulva owners to explore, celebrate and take control of their sexuality. Whether you’re taking your first steps into the world of sexual wellness or already an advanced player, we got your back, boo


self-care for down there

Showing yourself a good time doesn't just feel great, there are also numerous health benefits to achieving the big ‘O’! To name a few, orgasms can help to reduce stress, improve sleep, boost your mood, release emotions, improve cardiovascular health and more! Plus self-love can also positively impact your relationships because the more you know about your own body the more equipped you will be to guide your partner to that sweet spot! Also, did we mention that they feel great?

discreet packaging

no nosy neighbours

While we’re all about celebrating self-love at effyes, we understand if you’re not looking to broadcast it to the entire street. That’s why each package you receive from effyes will come in a plain white and unmarked box, care of ‘Goodness Group’. No nosy neighbours. No awkward questions… I’m looking at you, Gretchen from number 13. Mind your own business

Say YESSsssss to self-love

Like cleaning your teeth, or applying your 8 step skincare routine (that … uh… we definitely never forget to do), self-love should be part of your everyday routine. Let us help you find the perfect toy to brightenyour day.