Common Questions About Self Pleasure

Common Questions About Self Pleasure

Let's face it, we all do it. Whether you call it self-love, solo time or just good old masturbation, there's no shame in pleasuring yourself. In fact, it can be pretty great for your health! But even though it's a totally normal and healthy part of life, there are still a lot of myths and misconceptions out there about self-pleasure. To help set the record straight, here are the answers to some common questions about self love.

What is self-pleasure?

Self-pleasure is simply the act of giving yourself sexual pleasure. This can be done through masturbation, or by using sex toys, such as vibrators or dildos. It can also be achieved through non-sexual activities, such as reading erotic stories or watching erotic videos.


Is self-pleasure normal?

Absolutely! In fact, it's perfectly normal and healthy to enjoy self-pleasure on a regular basis. It's a great way to relieve stress, explore your sexuality, and simply feel good.


Is masturbation bad for my health?

No way! In fact, there are actually some health benefits to masturbating. It can help relieve stress, improve sleep and even boost your immune system! So if you're looking for an excuse to do it more often, consider this your green light.


Is self-pleasure safe?

Yes, self-pleasure is perfectly safe. There is no risk of pregnancy or STDs when you're masturbating or using sex toys alone. However, it's important to use condoms if you're sharing sex toys with a partner, or if you're engaging in any type of sexual activity with a partner who has an STD.


Will masturbating make me blind?

This is an urban legend that's been going around for years. There is absolutely no evidence to support this claim! So go ahead and enjoy your solo time without worry.


Can I get pregnant from masturbating?

No, you cannot get pregnant from masturbating. Pregnancy can only occur when sperm fertilises an egg inside the vagina, so there's no way for masturbating to cause pregnancy. So if you're worried about getting pregnant from solo sex, you can relax and enjoy yourself without worry!


Will I get addicted to masturbation?

Masturbation is not addictive in the same way that drugs or alcohol can be. However, like anything else in life, it's possible to become obsessed with it and allow it to take over your life. If you find that you're Masturbating more than you want to or that it's impacting your daily life in a negative way, then it might be something you want to talk to a doctor about. Otherwise, there's no need to worry about becoming addicted to solo pleasure!
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